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Miyajima, island in Hiroshima prefecture
Beppu Onsen Jigoku

My Story

It happened some time in the second part of 90’s, I cannot remember the exact year, let alone the exact day, I was probably between 20 and 24 years old. It was definitely during a Saturday afternoon when I was watching a TV programme that presented the top 10 of themost read books of the week. It was the first time I was watching that TV programme, and considering that until then I had never read a full book, I was curious about what books were the most read. I didn’t know any of the books that were presented. The lady presenting the books was reading a few sentences of each book during her count down to the number 1. It was when it reached the 5th or 6th place when the presenter introduced a book which was not Italian or American. Surprised by the taste of the Italian people, the presenter introduced ‘Sonno Profondo’ (Original: ” Shirakawa yofune”, “Asleep” the English version) from the Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto. As soon as she read a few lines of the book, I fell in love of the way that those few sentences were written. Not long after I went to buy the book and read it. It was a wonderful book, probably the first one that I read every single page. I loved every part of it, and there was the moment that I fell in love with Japan.

When I look back, my ties with Japan go back to the late 70’s, early 80’s when I was 4-5 years old and I still remember I was watching Japanese anime at a very young age, and watched them all the way through my teens.

I was born in Italy and move to the UK 1 1/2 months after my 24th birthday, on January 2000. About 2 years later I invested my money in a Japanese language course by buying a book and some tapes which cost me at the time £70.44, which is equivalent to £150-£200 in today’s money, however, I am still stuck in lesson 1. During that period I passed most of my time working 10-16 hours a day and when I was free I did enjoy my time with my friends. In 2010 I started university at the University of Westminster in London. It was a 4 years course in international business, my 3rd year I had to pass it studying at a university abroad. My only choice was Japan and before leaving to go to Japan, I have decided to write a blog. Due to difficulties to find places with wireless connection and my little netbook broke down, this blog never really kick off. I took a lot of photos in Japan and traveled whenever I got the chance, which allowed me to get my blog running after I came back from Japan. However, I did not have much the chance due to my studies and my laziness. I feel now that I need to finish this website/blog.

This blog is aimed at everyone that has never been in Japan and would like to adventure there and also to people that have already been there and they missed some places where they should have gone.

I wish you enjoy it.

Damiano Nana